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The power of music: Donation handover to the Ukrainian association

On Saturday, July 2, 2022, the time had finally come: On the occasion of the donation handover to the Ukrainian association, a visit to the Ukrainian Saturday School was scheduled. This takes place in the rooms of the Klinger school.

We meet Roksolana Rakhletska, the principal, and Stepan Rudzinskyy, the chairman of the board.

Both have been looking after the association for a long time, and for Ms. Rakhletska it has now become her main job.

They tell us about the activities of the association, which have gained a lot of importance since the beginning of the war, and about the varied activities: every Saturday morning the children learn Ukrainian language and literature, geography and about the history of Ukraine. In this way they stay connected to their homeland and also learn about the culture and folk customs.

Stepan Rudzinskyy tells that more than 600 children are cared for in the Saturday school, 100 of them living in the diaspora. Since the beginning of the war, more than 500 children have been added. For many, it is a stopover, as their families want to return to their home country - the only question is when.

For the year 2022 the financing of the association's work is secured, for the time after that further donations are urgently needed:

At the end of our visit we were able to hand over the collected donations of our charity series "hellhörig@hauptwache": Over 5,000 euros were collected. We sincerely thank all donors!

And there is one more piece of good news at the end: Already in September we continue the series! On September 20, at the usual time (13:15), the first concert of the fall season will take place!


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