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The spring season 2023 "hellhörig@hauptwache"

A young tradition

Started in 2020 as a post-Corona project, the "hellhörig@hauptwache" concert series has now become a permanent highlight in Frankfurt's musical life. The members of the Frankfurter Opern- und Museumsorchester are committed to bringing their art to the heart of the city. Twice a year, they perform five concerts in the Katharinenkirche at the Hauptwache - free of charge and for several good causes:

On the one hand, it is a great concern of the musicians to make classical music accessible to all Frankfurt residents. Therefore, the concerts can be experienced in the middle of the city center with free admission. In addition, donations are made at the end of the concerts to support charitable initiatives and associations in Frankfurt. The concerts of the last season in September 2022 raised over 6,000 euros, which were presented to the MainLichtBlick e.V.!

What happens in May 2023?

In May 2023, donations will be collected for the benefit of the "Arche Frankfurt" association. Under the motto "Making children strong!", the "Arche" in Frankfurt works to ensure that children living in financial and emotional poverty are given the chance to receive education and develop. In the four Frankfurt facilities, up to 360 children and young people experience appreciation and trust every day, as well as support through shared lunches, homework help, play and sports activities, vacation and learning camps; this is done free of charge and without bureaucracy. Donations for this are also collected here.

This year's hellhörig spring season will take place every Tuesday in May at 1:15 pm. The 45-minute concerts provide a glimpse into the diversity of the orchestra and its rich repertoire. A great opportunity to gain new inspiration during a creative lunch break!

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