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From September 20: The autumn season of hellhörig concerts starts!

Music feels good - fans of the Frankfurt Opera and the Frankfurt Museum Concerts experience this time and again. "Doing good with music" - that's what we members of the Frankfurt Opera and Museum Orchestra have made our mission. This goal is realized in the concert series 'hellhörig@hauptwache', which has enriched Frankfurt since this year and takes place twice a year.

The focus is on two things: free admission enables all Frankfurt residents to participate in classical music in the middle of the city. In addition, donations for local charities are collected. The concerts in May raised over 5,000 euros, which were donated to the Ukrainian Saturday School. Thanks again to all donors!

This year's autumn season of hellhörig@hauptwache will benefit the MainLichtblick e.V. association.

Children in life crises have a heartfelt wish and long for a ray of hope. MainLichtblick e.V. would like to fulfill these children's and young people's wishes, give them joy and new courage to face life. Whether 10-year-old Leonie wishes for a continuation of her running therapy, 17-year-old Jan for a wheelchair bicycle or refugee children for toys: MainLichtblick helps regionally, flexibly and unbureaucratically. And we orchestra members would like to support this.

For this purpose, we will play every Tuesday at 1:15 p.m. in the Katharinenkirche at the Hauptwache, starting on September 20. Up to and including October 18, 45 minutes of music will be heard each time - you will be able to experience the whole range of our orchestra!

We cordially invite you to an inspiring lunch break for a good cause!

Donations will be collected on site. But you can also support the project today:


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